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Information and Computing Science

The School of Science Jiangnan University has nationwide enrolled students with major in information and computing science since 1999. It is among the earliest schools which are approved to establish and recruit undergraduate students. Based on the information field, the discipline of information and computing science is a multidisciplinary specialty which includes mathematics, computer science and information Engineering. In the new century’s global economic development pattern with the information technology as the core, this specialty adapts well to train professionals in data science and big data technology proposed in our country the 13th Five-Year plan, meet the needs of advanced math professionals with information and computing skills. This discipline cultivates students’ good mathematics foundation and mathematical thinking ability, and acquaintance of the theory, methodology and technique in information and computing science. Through the research-oriented training and practice, undergraduate students prepare to the senior specialized professionals mastering information processing, scientific calculation and related problems in enterprises and public institutions.

   As a science specialty under in mathematics, information and computing science targets on mathematical foundation of information and computing technology. Based on the strong software and hardware resource and faculty of mathematical discipline, the department closely integrates the latest development in information and computing science and social needs, follows the guiding ideology of “solid foundation, wide knowledge, real ability, featured specialty”. After many years of exploration, construction and development, we lay equal stress on information science and scientific calculation, establish the cultivation positioning of specialty of information and computing science with features on information processing, modeling and computing, construct a hierarchical and multi-channel innovative training system. Through the construction of Innovation practice platform and teaching quality assurance system, we achieve the goals of personnel training of information and computing science.

Cultivated objective:

   This specialty brings up the senior specialized professionals to meet the needs of construction of socialist modernization and information society of our country with an all-round development of morality, intelligence, physics and arts. This specialty cultivates the students with strong mathematics foundation and thinking ability, mastering the theory, methodology and technique in information and computing science, grasping the technology in computational science, information processing and software application. With high level humanistic quality, the students become the talents who can conduct scientific research activity and solve practical problems with their integration knowledge. The students are trained to undertake scientific research, teaching, application development and management in science and engineering calculation, software development, data analysis and information processing, system maintenance and network management, insurance, bank, securities and financial industry.

  In international communication, we strengthen cooperation and jointly educate students with famous universities abroad in major of pure and applied mathematics, applied statistics and financial statistics (postgraduate). The students are founded to participate in international exchanges, undergraduates’ innovation and entrepreneurial projects at national, provincial and school level, China and America undergraduate mathematical contest in modeling to develop their creative competence.

Main courses:

 Mathematica analysis, advanced algebra, analytic geometry, ordinary differential equation, matrix analysis, mathematical modeling, fundamentals of information science, operations research and optimization, complex variable function, numerical analysis, multivariate statistics and data analysis, introduction to the theory of computation, algorithm and data structure, cryptography and information security.

Employment of graduate:

The graduates are widely recognized by society. More than 95% of them engage in research, application and management of software and information system at institutions and enterprises, financial sectors, IT industries and government offices. More and more graduates join the top 500 companies such as KPMG and Alibaba. About 30% of graduates every year pursue further education in the field of Mathematics, computer science, economy, management science and interdisciplinary subject. The universities at home and abroad the undergraduate choose to continue their postgraduate courses include Peking University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, University of Science and Technology of China, University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, Johns Hopkins University, National University of Singapore, University of New South Wales.

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